HFA Website Launch

Challenge: Redesign the organization’s website to be more adaptable and responsive to 2022 user exepriences.

Results: The Hemophilia Federation of America had not undergone a full web redesign in eight years. The menu had grown into a cluttered mess that even staff couldn’t use to find the information they needed. Many images had embedded text, making the content unusable and inaccessible. The template was inflexible, so none of the pages or layouts could be customized. The site was powered by WordPress, but the theme was custom-built, which meant many plugins wouldn’t work and templates couldn’t be easily or quickly edited. The only way to publish events was a Google Calendar or in a post format, neither of which was efficient.

In 2022, I built a staging site on WordPress, installed Elementor Pro and got to work. I retooled the whole navigation bar to make it easier for patients to find financial assistance and resources. The new site went live in October 2022

One of my favorite projects was designing the History of Bleeding Disorders page. The previous site had told the story in 97 timeline entries, which mean images were very small, the content wasn’t always relevant to the image, and a user had to click through…97 stories. This is only the first phase of this page, but I implemented “scrollytelling” to bring images and content to life. A future iteration of this page will include audio and video components.

Homepage (before)
Homepage (after)
History page (before)
History page (after)