HFA Symposium

Since 1997, the Hemophilia Federation of America has hosted an annual symposium for the bleeding disorders community. Like many other organizations, their events were held virtually in 2020 and 2021. After being hired in January 2021, I spent the year building a custom website for the ’21 virtual event, which saved the organization from hiring an outside contractor and spending over $100,000. 

Within the website, I built 23 customized landing pages for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. I worked closely with their teams to feature products and therapies, and each landing page went through extensive legal review and received FDA approval before publishing.

In addition to building the conference website, I worked closely with our keynote speaker and author, Zander Masser, to design his debut presentation about his father who had hemophilia and died from AIDS in 2000. We also worked on an art exhibit, book launch, and writing workshop.